Selen Guler

Selen Guler

Department of Sociology, University of Washington

Selen’s work is grounded in comparative historical approaches and problem-solving sociology. Her research focuses on political economy, policymaking processes, and change-making in higher education.

Selen’s dissertation examines the conditions of possibility for progressive taxation in superstar cities with housing crises and concentrations of corporate power. Through a comparative analysis of key moments of the push for taxation in Seattle between 2017-2020, Selen traces the political shifts and innovations that allowed the city to leverage its proximity to the knowledge economy to generate public revenue. The findings offer insights into how subnational dynamics and institutional structures shape local responses to federal austerity reforms and tax cuts.

Selen works at the University of Washington’s Center for Evaluation & Research for STEM Equity (CERSE), doing participatory action research with academic changemakers and equity-focused evaluation. Selen earned an MA in Sociology from the University of Washington, and she holds a BA in Sociology from Bogazici University.

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