How To Do Engaged Research: A Resource Page

There are different styles of engaged research, and the term has somewhat different meanings in different disciplinary traditions. Our Center recognizes and celebrates this pluralism; our goal is not to favor one particular way of doing engaged research.

However, we also want to be a resource for graduate students who are working to formulate a dissertation research topic. To accomplish that, we plan to post on this page a variety of materials on how to do engaged research as well as ideas about specific research topics that would be useful to pursue.

This is simply intended as a resource to help people formulate better engaged research projects. We welcome other submissions.

A Political Economy Research Agenda:  From Theory to Practice

A Political Economy Research Agenda: From Theory to Practice

This is the first in a series of research agendas that we plan to offer over the next few years as an effort to encourage scholars to pursue projects that could help build the kind of powerful social movements that are needed to transform this society.   We welcome conversation and criticism that will help modify and strengthen this agenda.

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Problem-Solving Sociology

Problem-Solving Sociology

Monica Prasad, a sociologist and a CES reviewer, has been actively promoting “Problem-Solving Sociology” for a number of years. She has a web page and has organized a series of workshops where...

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