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The Center’s initial project is our dissertation fellowship, but we intend to launch new initiatives in future years so the Center becomes an increasingly valuable resource for progressive scholars – and a champion for engaged scholarship in America.


Each fellowship carries a stipend of $30,000 paid out over a 9 month period.


We track right-wing attacks on progressive scholars and provide support to those who want their students to encounter the best progressive ideas. We help build stronger connections between academics and progressive change agents.


The Center advances the idea that engaged scholarship can be excellent scholarship and that it is often superior to work that claims to be free of moral or political commitments. Our exemplary scholarship page provides examples of the kind of scholarship we seek to encourage.


The Center exists to resist efforts by the Koch Brothers and other wealthy right-wingers to replace academic freedom with free market orthodoxy. Your donations will help us to build an organization that provides critical support to people doing important progressive scholarship. For the next several years, all donated funds will go to expand the number of our fellowship recipients. Please help us fight back against the far-right by clicking here to make a donation today.

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