Raquel Rose

Raquel Rose

Department of Applied Psychology, New York University

Raquel Rose's research seeks to understand the impact of systemic trauma, resource precarity, and deficit-based narratives around racial/ethnic minority and SOGIE diverse youth on psychosocial outcomes particularly in the mental health, education and legal fields.

Raquel’s dissertation, ROSES in the Educational Margins: Analyzing the Impact of Unmet Needs, Trauma, and Stakeholder Perceptions on School Pushout and Sense of Safety for Black and Latine Girls, explores how the mismatch between the purported aims of institutions and the expressed safety needs of girls leads to negative psychosocial outcomes. This project aims to create change within systems, strengthen community-based partnerships outside of the formal system, and directly collaborate with girls of color to hold contexts accountable.

As a first-generation, Caribbean immigrant, her scholarship is deeply rooted in her identity as a black woman of the diaspora. Her work received a 2023 Ford Foundation honorable mention and was selected for the 2023 Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz fellowship.

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