What Has Been the Impact of CES Support?

The Center's Impact

Dissertation Completion

100% of past fellows have successfully completed their dissertations.


80% of our fellows have moved on to a post-doctoral position or a tenured track job in a college of university.

Geographic Outreach

Our fellows are currently working in 10 U.S. states and 4 foreign countries.

Impact to Our Fellows

Fellows agree strongly that the CES fellowship:

  • made a significant difference in their dissertation progress
  • reduced the time to finish their PhD. by an average of 12.1 months
  • significantly reduced their financial stress
  • made it possible to avoid taking on additional part-time employment

Scholarly & Societal Impact

Our fellows have already demonstrated strong engagement with academia and society through:

  • Academic Publications; one book, many articles, book reviews, and scholarly presentations.
  • Many non-academic publications, articles, op-eds, blogposts, interviews, citations, policy reports, public testimony.
  • Volunteerism: to non-profits and social-movement groups (currently averaging a total of 2,402 hours per year cumulatively).


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