Thanking Our Reviewers

Fred Block | Research professor at U.C. Davis

Special thanks to our 2017-2018 reviewers!

We are extremely grateful to these colleagues who participated in our review process.

NOTE:  Institutions listed are for identification purposes and do not reflect any affiliation with the Center for Engaged Scholarship.



Randy Albelda University of Massachusetts, Boston
Eli Anderson Yale University
Gianpaolo Baiocchi New York University
Matt Bakker Marymount University
Lisa Garcia Bedolla University of California, Berkeley
Chris Benner University of California, Santa Cruz
Mabel Berezin Cornell University
Julie Bettie University of California, Santa Cruz
Kum-Kum Bhavani University of California, Santa Barbara
Mike Blim The Graduate Center, CUNY
Johanna Bockman George Mason University
Eileen Boris University of California, Santa Barbara
John Bowman Queens College, CUNY
Howard Brick University of Michigan
Robin Broad American University
Marissa Brookes University of California,Riverside
Phil Brown Northeastern University
Michael Burawoy UC Berkeley
Gene Burns Michigan State University
Miguel Centeno Princeton University
Nitsan Chorev Brown University
Dan Clawson University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Mary Ann Clawson Wesleyan University
Elliott Currie University of California, Irvine
John Dale George Mason University
Natalia Deeb-Sosa University of California, Davis
Nancy DiTomasso Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick
Tom Dublin Binghamton University
Troy Duster University of California, Berkeley
Robin Einhorn University of California, Berkeley
Omnia El Shakry University of California, Davis
David Embrick University of Connecticut
Peter Evans University of California, Berkeley
Patricia Fernandez-Kelly Princeton University
Michelle Fine The Graduate Center, CUNY
Leon Fink University of Illinois, Chicago
Richard Flacks University of California, Santa Barbara
Nancy Folbre University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Pamela Forman University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Lori Freedman University of California, San Francisco
Kevin Gallagher Boston University
Brian Gareau Boston College
Kathleen Gerson New York University
Davita Glasberg University of Connecticut
Linda Gordon New York University
Janet Gornick The Graduate Center, CUNY
Luis Guarnizo University of California, Davis
William Hagen University of California, Davis
Drew Halfmann University of California, Davis
Kevan Harris University of California, Los Angeles
Jim Hawley Saint Mary’s College of California
Patrick Heller Brown University
Sarah Horton University of Colorado, Denver
Daniel HoSang University of Oregon
David Howell The New School
Ho-fung Hung Johns Hopkins University
Michael Jeffries Wellesley College
Victoria Johnson University of Missouri, Columbia
Matthew Keller Dedman College
Alice Kessler-Harris Columbia University
Karl Klare Northeastern University
Marcus Kurtz The Ohio State University
David Kyle University of California, Davis
Richard Lachmann University of Albany
Louise Lamphere University of New Mexico
Nancy Langton Michigan Tech
CK Lee University of California, Los Angeles
Sandra Levitsky University of Michigan
Nelson Lichtenstein University of California, Santa Barbara
John Logan Brown University
Matthew Mahutga University of California,Riverside
Tom Medvetz University of California, San Diego
Mieke Meurs American University
Lori Minnite Rutgers University-Camden
Harvey Molotch New York University
Aldon Morris Northwestern University
Molly Nolan New York University
Phil Nyden Loyola University Chicago
Alice O’Connor University of California, Santa Barbara
Dina Okamoto Indiana University
Michael Omi University of California, Berkeley
David Ost Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Eileen Otis University of Oregon
Prasannan Parthasarathi Boston College
David Plotke The New School
Jennifer Reich University of Colorado, Denver
Christopher Roberts University of Minnesota
Nestor Rodriguez University of Texas, Austin
Preston Rudy San Jose State University
Rickie Sanders Temple University
John Schmitt Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Sandy Schram Hunter College, City University of New York
Andrew Schrank Brown University
Michael Schwartz Stony Brook University
Rachel Sherman The New School
Kathryn Sklar State University of New York, Binghamton
Sandra Smith University of California, Berkeley
Nik Theodore University of Illinois, Chicago
Chris Tilly University of California, Los Angeles
Lisa Travedi Hamilton College
Winddance Twine University of California, Santa Barbara
Eddy U University of California, Davis
Steven Vogel University of California, Berkeley
Carlos Waisman University of California, San Diego
Charles Walker University of California, Davis
John Walton University of California, Davis
Margaret Weir Brown University
Tom Weisskopf University of Michigan
Fred Wherry Yale University
Howard Winant University of California, Santa Barbara
Robert Zussman University of Massachusetts, Amherst


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