In solidarity: Black Lives Matter

One of our missions has been to support research that will help in the struggle for racial justice and to challenge existing structure of inequality. But we recognize in this moment that we must do more in the effort to deconstruct white supremacy. We want to make the Center a truly multiracial organization that can build solidarity among scholars across racial and ethnic lines. We plan over the next six months to make important changes in our organizational structure including a new board of directors.

We also believe that the Center can help advance our understanding of the way that racism intersects with economic structures. Dismantling white supremacy requires significant changes in the way that economic resources are distributed across households. We will be providing resources on our website for understanding these linkages between economic doctrines and racial injustice.

In fact, the way that the state’s coercive powers impact different racial and ethnic groups runs through almost all of the work that we have supported. A number of our fellows have been studying racialized policing and strategies for reform and others have been focused on the destructive consequences of mass incarceration.

Over the coming months, we will redouble our efforts to help these scholars effectively communicate their findings to activists, political leaders, and the public. We also will encourage bold new research efforts that will challenge racial hierarchies.

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