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Scott Jaschik | Editor and one of three founders of Inside Higher Ed

Supreme Court to Hear Case Impacting Race Consideration in University Admissions

The Supreme Court will hear a Texas case in December that could end any consideration of race in university admissions.

“No consensus exists in American society about the practice of colleges considering race in admissions decisions.

Since the 1970s, colleges have been doing so to try to enroll diverse classes of students (and of course under Jim Crow many colleges considered race to prevent diversity).

But the practice has always been controversial — and voters and judges have questioned and in some cases banned the practice.

However, among higher education associations, a consensus strongly backs the right of colleges to consider race in admissions. Today is the deadline for submitting briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court on a key affirmative action case, and the justices can look forward to lengthy arguments from college groups.”

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