CES Inaugural Fellows

Meet Our Inaugural CES Fellows

George Aumoithe

PhD, Department of History, Columbia University, New York

George Aumoithe’s research shows how the AIDS epidemic should be understood in the context of 1970s austerity, which exacerbated inequality and undermined the nation’s disaster preparedness.  His study analyzes public policy, health institutions, and grassroots advocacy to assess healthcare’s tenuous place within the nation’s quite limited welfare state.

Megan Brown

PhD, Department of Geography, University of Washington, Seattle

Megan Brown’s study investigates the strategic and practical mechanisms through which labor unions, worker and community organizations, and policy makers advanced the $15/hour minimum wages across the U.S.  She examines the locally-based strategies employed by labor organizations and the ways these strategies varied across locations so that we can understand how this significant change occurred.

Juyoung Lee

PhD, Department of Sociology, Brown University, Rhode Island

Juyoung Lee contributes to research on environmental inequalities by examining large-scale determinants of local environmental outcomes.  She uses sophisticated quantitative techniques to explore the consequences for local communities of decisions made at corporate headquarters.

Ayca Zayim

PhD, Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

Ayca Zayim focuses on the relationship between central banks in emerging economies and the financial community to reveal how financial power operates.  Through a study of central banks in Turkey and South Africa, she illuminates both the degrees of maneuver and the constraints on economic policy in these emerging economies that contend with the danger of sudden outflows of capital.

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