We have set this forum up to facilitate conversations among past and current CES fellows and they are the only ones who should use the forum.

To provide fellows with privacy, Fred and Mridula will not monitor these conversations.  If an issue comes up that they should know about, please contact them through email.  

Remember that internet privacy is always limited, since comments on the forum could potentially be disclosed by other participants, through hacking by outsiders, or as a consequence of a legal case.

Forum Ground Rules (Please read)

The Center for Engaged Scholarship and our fiscal sponsor, Community Initiatives, are ultimately responsible for anything posted on this site, so we have to insist on the following rules:

  1. No discussions of illegal activity.
  2. No obscenity and no comments or terms that are degrading to particular groups whether racial, ethnic, gender, sexual minorities, etc.
  3. No discussion of partisan politics because of our nonprofit status.   One can talk about progressives vs. conservatives and labor vs. capital, but please avoid talking about Democrats and Republicans or particular candidates.
  4. We reserve the right to take down comments that we deem to be inappropriate.

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