Inaugural Fellows

Fred Block|Research professor of sociology at U.C. Davis

Inaugural Class of CES Fellows

Meet our four CES inaugural fellows for 2016-2017:

George Aumoithe (Department of History, Columbia University)
Dissertation: Epidemic Preparedness in the Age of Chronic Illness: Public Health and Welfare Politics in the United States, 1965-2000

Megan Brown (Department of Geography, University of Washington)
Dissertation: Mobile Minimum Wage Policies and Labor Union Campaigns in the U.S.

Juyoung Lee (Department of Sociology, Brown University)
Dissertation: Environmental Outcomes in Multiple Spatial Scales

Ayca Zayim (Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin)
Dissertation: How Financial Power Really Works: Unpacking the Black Box of Monetary Policymaking and Central Banks’ Ties to Finance

To learn more about the winners and their proposed projects, click here.

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